Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shawl Patchwork

Assalam & Hi there,
Tonight I'm updating 3 types of patchwork shawls. They are unique, comfortable to wear and easy to shape. Feast your eyes!

Moss green patchwork
Ada glittering stones, ruffles corak leopard
RM 49.00

Pink belacan patchwork
Same pattern as above

Patchwork light pink~silver grey
100% silk
Sulaman yang sangat cantik + glittering stones ( sangat unique)
RM 49.00

Monday, 26 September 2011

Latest update: FAIRY SHAWL

Assalam & Hi there!
  Tonight I'm updating the whole set of the exquisite Fairy Shawls. Shawl ni amat exclusive. Ringan dan sejuk dipakai. You girls boleh stylekan macam2 cara...ikut kreativiti sendiri. ( Boleh tengok gambar2 kat bawah ). Material 40%  silk, 60% polyester. Colour dia two tones setiap shawl. Ada rose and studs kat hujung shawl. Harga : RM 49.00 only.

Turquoise green/ light green
( kat luar, hijau turquoise)

Bright blue/ light blue

Light pink/ belacan

Purple maroon/ blue

Grey/ silver

Kalau nak order, fill in the form kat bawah sana,ya. Alternatively, you can also sms me at 0173680365. Happy Shopping!!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fairy Shawl~ Turquoise green /pucuk pisang

Assalam & hi there,

Here's the second fairy shawl. Dalam gambar nampak blue. The actual colour is turquoise green tone with hijau pucuk pisang. As you can see, this exquisite shawl can be worn in many styles, acccording to creativity. Feast your eyes.....

Turquoise green

RM 49

Friday, 23 September 2011


Assalamualaikum & hi there!! 

Moonlight Shawls presents FAIRY SHAWL made of silk polyester. It's very light and airy, comes in two beautiful tones for each shawl. Ada 5 different sets. Sorry sangat2, cause I can only upload the blue one tonight.. Insyaallah,, the rest will be uploaded tomorrow. The price is very reasonable...only RM 49.00.

Blue : 2 tones, with a rose & batu2 at one end of the shawl
RM 49